About Us


Museum L-A connects generations, strengthens community, and fosters creativity, discovery, and innovative thinking.

In 2006 Museum L-A’s Board of Directors of Museum L-A hired E. Verner Johnson, Museum Planners, to develop a Conceptual Master Plan. The planners met with hundreds of citizens – young and old; business, professional and community leaders; educators and students. A Community Forum titled “The Birth of a Museum” was held to gather direct input as to the future plans for a new Museum to preserve the rich heritage of the community. From this input, the planning document defines the core programs and activities of the Museum, develops the stories that the Museum will tell, documents the spaces needed to purse these programs and generates preliminary budget estimate that can be used for setting fundraising goals.

Museum L-A inspires a strong, vibrant, and resilient community that sustains a strong identity.

Board of Directors

JULY – 2017
Elliott Epstein – Founder
John Cleveland, Chair
Margaret Craven, Vice-Chair
Brittany J. Lajoie, Treasurer
Jack Samson, Secretary
Christine Bosse
Kevin Callahan
John Camelio
Patti Camelio
Gene Clough
Alan Elze
George Gendron
Steve Huber
Paul Jalbert
Mark Tanous
Rachel Desgrosseilliers, Ex Officio Non-Voting
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