Veterans Exhibit

The Work of War:
Honoring Veterans and the Ones they Left Behind

”The Work of War: Honoring Veterans and the Ones They Left Behind” told the story of veterans in our local community throughout history. Museum L-A celebrated the veterans’ courage, struggle, and patriotism during America’s wars and honoring their service to our country.
Bates Manufacturing Company kept up with military textile demands, proving the resiliency of our people and our country. Women and immigrant populations were pushed into new roles previously held by men who went to war. The exhibit allows visitors and veterans alike to acknowledge where we once were and just how far we have come.
The photograph and story elements donated by the community members of the veterans they care about showcase the valor of these men and women and ensure that none of their sacrifices will be forgotten. The historic artifacts and Museum L-A collection items displayed remind us of the changes that wartime can bring not only to those overseas, but to those who remain in the workforce and their families.
This exhibition featured a thank you card station for visitors of all ages to complete in recognition and thanks to veterans who have given so much for their country. These cards were delivered to veterans hospitals and nursing homes. A display representing veterans who have passed in both war and peace time was part of the exhibit.
”The Work of War: Honoring Veterans and the Ones They Left Behind” launched on November 10, 2017 and was on display until January 13, 2018. 
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