Programs and Events

Programs and Events

Museum L-A currently offers a broad and expanding variety of public and private events and programming. Our programs target specific as well as general topics and exhibits, welcoming children through seniors. The following pages explain each type of program offered, as well as note any upcoming events.


Museum L-A offers frequent public lectures and workshops, held on site or at various locations throughout the twin cities in collaboration with local institutions.
Talks by staff and guest speakers cover a variety of topics relevant to the worker culture of Lewiston and Auburn. Past talks have included the changes of the Industrial Revolution, an interactive story night with former textile mill workers, and a showing of the 1982 "Notre Vie, Notre Travaille" ("Our Life, Our Work") slide documentary about retired Franco-Americans by local anthropologist Mark Silber.
Evening films explore similar themes of labor, industry, immigration, gender, age, unions, discrimination, wealth disparity, and the local culture of work - such as Robert Branham's "Roughing the Uppers, The Great Shoe Strike of 1937", a locally-produced film documenting early efforts to organize shoe workers in L-A.

Panels & Workshops

Interactive workshops cater to many interests and age groups, from children's oral history workshops to programs where adults learn to care for their family's heirlooms.


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