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Structures & Patterns: 

The Remnants of Our Work 

The project -- Structures & Patterns: The Remnants of Our Work -- is an exhibition and a creative economy focused community panel at Museum L-A in Lewiston, ME. The project will begin with the exhibition in July 2017 at Museum L-A and will include a panel in October 2017.

The panel will include members of the community, business owners, nonprofit organizations and creative entrepreneurs who will take part in a moderated panel discussion. Each voice will bring an important perspective to a conversation about the economic future of the City of Lewiston. The panel will highlight the significant impact of the creative community on the economy and industrial landscape of the area and will envision Lewiston’s potential as a creative economy.

Industrial historical artifacts from Museum L-A’s collection will be shown alongside the paintings of Janice L. Moore and photographs by Mark Marchesi. The inclusion of the artifacts will be educational and inspirational for viewers. We hope the relationship between the artifacts and artworks will illustrate the economic and cultural impact of Lewiston’s industrial history and structures.

The project -- integrating historical artifacts and art along with a creative economy panel -- will allow for a dialogue focused on the history and future potential of Lewiston’s and other area industrial spaces. The goal is to evoke a sense of reverence for these places, and elevate the mill buildings to the level of importance they deserve in a viewer’s eyes. It also aims to help people understand that many of our old working factories are often seen as just abandoned work structures, but, in actuality, are renewed and repurposed industrial sites not to be taken for granted.

July 15, 2017 to October 28, 2017
Opening Reception – July 15 / 5pm – 8pm


Museum L-A’s permanent exhibit focuses on the textile, shoe and brick making industries of Lewiston-Auburn and the people who worked in them.

Temporary special exhibits explore themes within the worker culture and may include: organized labor, the role of women in the workplace, child labor, changes in technology, immigration, culture, and community. 

Over the course of three years we are presenting a series of changing exhibits celebrating the role music played in the lives of people and its influence on the culture and industry of Lewiston-Auburn


Museum L-A offers a variety of special public tours throughout the year as well as private group tours by reservation.

Museum L-A periodically offers walking tours to the public. Rather than focus exclusively on the Museum, these themed tours explore downtown Lewiston to contextualize the mill experience. Public walking tours will be posted in advance, and have limited space. There is usually a small fee associated with these tours.

Schools, adult social groups, and business organizations can schedule private museum group tours. Content will vary by age range, time allotted, and individual interest. They can be as short as forty minutes within the museum, or extend to a few hours to include community sites within easy walking distance. More complex reserved tours may include multiples sites and meals on site or off. Fees vary: please call our offices at 207-333-3881 for more information.
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