Museum L-A's Collections

Corporate and individual donors have contributed significantly to the wide variety of shoe shop artifacts in Museum L-A's collection.  The majority of the items represent the last 50 years of the industry through machinery, tools, shoe lasts, products, and company promotional materials.

The majority of these artifacts were found in the deserted mills surrounding Museum L-A, salvaged on their way to the dump, or donated by former textile workers and their families.

The collection consists of both modern and vintage locally produced textiles, machinery involved in local production, personal items and tools owned by the mill workers, and photographs of mill work and social life.

The current collection of brick-making artifacts represent the long history of brick production in Lewiston and Auburn.  The nature of the work changed little over hundreds of years and used few tools.  Ironically, the industry producing the longest lasting monuments left the least evidence of its existence.
Donating to the Collection

       If you are interested in making a donation of an artifact, or helping the Museum acquire a
       rare item to enhance the collection, please click here to visit our Q&A page or contact Emma Sieh, Collections and Exhibits Coordinator, at 207-333-3881 or email

Accessing the Collection

      If you would like to examine objects in the collections or use archival materials for 
      research, please call 207-333-3881 or email  
An appointment can be set up to ensure that you get access to the items you need.

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