Museum L-A is honored and proud to be part of the success of a young start-up company - Origin USA in Farmington, Maine.  Owner Pete Roberts is a very dedicated and driven business leader.  

Click on the image to the left to view six videos from the Origin Maine website titled "Making of an Axiom about Origin USA  that also feature Pete's inspiration from Lewiston-Auburn and the employees of Bates Mill.  
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Museum L-A Adopts New Mission and Vision

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Museum L-A connects generations and cultures, fosters a spirit of discovery and human ingenuity, and helps people experience the rich history and heritage of work, the arts and community.


Museum L-A will be:
  • The center of a vibrant community.
  • A cornerstone that celebrates the history, creativity, character, and cultural diversity of Maine's working people.
  • A beacon for innovators and artists.
  • A catalyst for community resurgence.
  • One of Maine's most compelling cultural destinations.
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